Recruiting the Right Team

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  3. Building the Startup Organization
  4. Achieving Product/Market Fit
  5. Conclusion

Version 0.3 (alpha, i.e. still needs lots of work). Last update on 7/13/2014.

Summary: Recruiting the right teammates is incredibly important and hard.

The most important resource that startups have is the entrepreneurial team, because it determines the capabilities of the venture. Recruiting the right people doesn't add 10% or 20% but rather 10x or 20x to the startup's output and chances of success. In addition, since talent attracts talent, having the right people creates a powerful virtuous cycle and helps recruit even more great team members.

That's why it is vital that you spend a lot of time looking for and recruiting the right people. Below I have listed the characteristics that I find most valuable, although you might want to add and subtract based on your leadership style. I look for people that:

If you are lucky enough to find such people, do your best to recruit and empower them. This process can take a lot of time, but finding the right teammates is definitely worth it. As you embark on this challenging task, here are some things to keep in mind:

Next, I discuss fundraising, which is another key priority for entrepreneurs.

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