I am primarily interested in inspiring and educating students, especially about entrepreneurship, technology, and leadership. That is why I find speaking at schools and communities particularly rewarding, both at home in Silicon Valley as well as in my native Bulgaria.

Previously, I have spoken at:

  • Silicon Valley universities – Stanford, Berkeley, San Jose State University, Menlo College
  • Bulgarian universities – Sofia University, Bourgas Free University, Varna Free University
  • High schools – Palo Alto High School, Harker High School,┬áPresentation High School
  • Startup communities – Stanford Ignite, StartX, Blackbox, Telerik Academy, Smart Start, MyWay
  • Conferences – ISTAcon, MobCon, Startup Weekend
  • TV and radio stations – Bloomberg, BNR
  • Various investor events

If you are interested in having me speak, please contact me. I’d love to do it, logistics permitting.